The Mediterranean Sea

September 16, 2019

By Matthew Fox

We are finally here in Israel!   It has been an extremely busy and chaotic month moving half way across the world to a different country and culture leaving behind our home that we built and created.   It was an extremely weird feeling leaving our home of many years, everything that was familiar and comfortable, to a place that I am somewhat familiar with, but still, it was not home.   

Now three weeks into our journey and it feels like it was a year ago since we left Canada.   There have been many new friendships started, tasks that have been begun and somewhat of a routine established.  It is very different than home.   The other day for Shabatt (the Sabbath, seventh day of rest), we headed to the beach down the road from us called "Banana Beach".   We grabbed some fresh bread and fruits from the Arab town of Masara about five minutes from us and camped out at the beach for the evening. The waves were huge and the water so was incredible and felt somewhat like a dream.   It was almost too perfect to be true.   The sunset was magnificent and reminded me once again of God's beauty and splendour.  

Then I began to many times Jesus must have sat in this very spot on the Mediterranean Sea.    Nazareth is less than an hour away from us by car, about an eight hour walk...the place where Jesus grew up.   I wonder if there were family trips to the ocean or if maybe even a few breaks from Northern Galilee with His disciples to head down to the coast.   It's beauty and coolness would have been a great escape from the humidity of the Sea of Galilee where we know Jesus also spent much of His time.    We know that it is mentioned in the scripture many times that Jesus escaped to pray...I wonder if He also escaped to play and marvel at His Father's creation!

You might not be living next to the Mediterranean Sea, but there are other spots where you can escape to remember why we exist in the first worship God and be inspired by His creation and beauty.  Don't forget in the business of life, to stop, breathe and take in the wonders of life around you.