Letting Go

June 24, 2019


It has been just over a month since my family and I decided to respond to the call to serve Nes Ammin in Northern Israel.     If you missed the announcement, you can watch the video of the message on May 19that under that 2019 Message Tab or listen to our podcast of Discovering Truth from June 23rd.  


It has been a month of mixed emotions.   We have been packing, planning and selling many of our possessions trying to down size.   With seven children and a large home this has proven to be quite a challenge in such a short time!    


Probably one of the toughest challenges has been learning to release the many pets that we have had for so many years.    We have been extremely blessed so far with God providing excellent adoption homes for many of our animals but it is hard to see these companions leave…it brings a sense of closure that is moving rapidly as we approach our departure from Canada.


You might not be selling most of your possessions or travelling overseas, but I have found throughout my Christian faith, that God often calls us to be willing to let go of the “stuff” in our lives.   As humans, we can become so dependant on our possessions, animals, families or other people that we miss the most critical part of our faith…our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.  Although these parts of our lives can be a healthy part of living, the moment we begin to replace Jesus with any of these objects, relationships or hobbies, we can quickly lose that intimacy with Jesus that is so important to our survival in this dark world.     


Is there something this week in your life that Jesus might be calling you to “release” or “let go”?   Is there something that you own or a relationship that is more important that Jesus?   If so, take some time to reflect and rekindle the most important relationship with your Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.